This is a story of power and control, of great hopes and great mistakes, and of a nature that has many surprises to reveal.  It is ultimately a story of loss and redemption.

Extinction Rising comes from the ruminations of a long dead Ancestor Joe Barrister.  As a result of the extinction event, some ruminations are missing and others obscured.  The story can be patchy in places but it is the best I can do alone.

You are invited to suggest additions to Extinction Rising from the recollections of your ancestors.  I cannot promise you anything.  I am tired and ill, and uncertain of my own ability to finish.  But my intentions are noble and if God is willing, I will finish.

Accordingly, about every month or so, I will provide a draft chapter for your review and discussion.  I will notify you, and will allow a few weeks for comments.  I will be more than grateful for worthy, well considered ideas and suggestions.

I will wrap up the chapter you have read as near to final, incorporating what I can use to fill the gaps left by Ancestor Joe.  I will be working on the next chapter so that you will get both a near final and a new draft for your perusal.

In the latest year of God,

Brother Samuel T.S. Barristar

Please note that what follows is the historical reflection of one man.  I have changed many names and some situations to separate our beloved history from what must of necessity be a work of fiction.  I know all too well just how much was sacrificed to allow me to hold onto this information when so many other important things were left behind out of necessity.

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